Stupid YouTube

This was originally going to be a Kids in the Hall Monologue Video Tribute Post, yet YouTube has taken down almost all of my favorite Kids in the Hall monologues. Instead I'm just going to post some videos, but I will start with the two good KITH speeches that are left.

Dave Foley on Communism:

Bruce McCoulloch on working at a bank:

and some other stuff.

The Michael Showalter SHOWalter, episode 1:

Dana Carvey Show, Skinheads from Maine:

The State, Nazi War Criminals:

Michael Ian Black recites a poem:



Allie recently convinced me to get Site Meter, which allows me to see the details of everyone who views this blog. The best part is seeing what brought people to the site, most often odd google searches. Here are the five best google searches that led people here, in order:

5. nanobiomechanics

4. what freud got wrong


2. the soccer player only dove once

1. how to blow things up with household objects