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Sam Lipsyte interview part deux


I interviewed Sam Lipsyte over at Bookforum. We talked about short stories, drone bombings, science fiction, and not tweeting.

Bookforum: There is a line in “The Dungeon Master” where the narrator says, “Everything’s weird if you look long enough.” Could that be a description of your fiction writing process?
Lipsyte: Yeah, perhaps. I think that line echoes a Robert Creeley line, which is “everything is water if you look long enough.” I think I wrote “everything’s weird if you look long enough” and then made the connection, remembering the poem by Creeley, and left it because I liked the resonance there. I’m not sure about the water thing...
Bookforum: [Laughs]
Lipsyte: But the weirdness felt right.
I also interviewed Sam Lipsyte for Gigantic magazine back in 2010. Read 'em both. Why not?

* Awesome image borrowed from this awesome Vulture piece on Lipsyte that I also recommend reading.