flash fiction monster flicks

I was asked by Necessary Fiction to write some movie-inspired fiction, and came up with six flash fiction pieces loosely based on classic movie monsters: Frankenstein, Nosferatu, Mummy, Creature, Poltergeist, and Werewolf. Check them out.


"Fragments of a Young Conquistador" in e-single form

My Day One story "Fragments of a Young Conquistador" is now available as an e-single. It's only 99 cents (or free if you have Amazon Prime).

I also now have an author page on Amazon as well as on Goodreads, which is pretty rad.


don't judge a book by the taste of its cover

I somehow succeeded in starting a hashtag on twitter with puns on book titles and candy. Buzzfeed wrote about it and made an awesome collection of fake covers book like If on a Winter's Night a Twizzler and Fall of the House of Gushers.