new year, new story (in Electric Literature)

I'm very excited and honored to have 2013 start off with a new story in Electric Literature's Recommended Reading. The story is online, and also available as a Kindle Single. The story also got a Single Sentence Animation courtesy of Grier Dill. Many thanks to Grier and Electric Literature editors Halimah Marcus and Benjamin Samuel. 

The first paragraph: 

Time passes unexpectedly or, perhaps, inexactly at the school. It’s hard to remember what semester we are supposed to be in. Several of the clocks still operate, but they don’t show the same time. The red bells, affixed in every room, erupt several times each day, yet the intervals between the disruptions wax and wane with an unknown algorithm. The windows are obscured by construction paper murals. Consequently, the sun rises and falls in complete ignorance of those of us attending the school. Many of us participated in the decorations in some lost point of childhood. A few of us still have dried glue under our fingernails.

Full story.