The Kings County Society for Fitness, Science and Musical Merriment


DJs James Yeh and myself* will be hosting our monthly 60s soul/60s rock/southern rap/sporadic funk dance night at The Manhattan Inn in Greenpoint Brooklyn this Friday. Come on by if you can!

*Formerly DJs Cormac McBootay and Hemingyeh?


The last dog days of summer are being rounded up.

After a short summer break, Gigantic online is back with new content. We have fiction from Ashley Farmer and John Dermot Woods as well as a great interview with the fantastic Amy Hempel by Nathan C. Martin and part four of our serialized comic Until I Find It (by Luca Dipierro and Leni Zumas).


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I have a short piece up today over at Everyday Genius. It starts:

Driving out west in a rusted sedan, our thoughts slowed with each passing state. My Indian wife wore her wrist-watch with the broken strap. She was dialing up the radio.

Mildly interesting note: that piece actually began as a cut-up of a Hardy Boys novel I found on the street. I have some other work coming out soon that I'm excited about, especially two stories in the new Unsaid that will be in stores very soon. Also expect new Gigantic online content, events and print issues in the coming days, weeks and months.