A NOON reading

NOON's annual reading and party at The Center for Fiction (formerly The Mercantile Library) is happening on April 22nd this year. As I noted two posts ago, I have a piece in the new NOON and I'll be reading it at the NOON party alongside some great writers. So, you should come! Info below:

NOON 2010 Reading & Party
Thursday, April 22nd at 7pm
Featuring Kim Chinquee, Sara Jaffe,
Tao Lin, Lincoln Michel, Dylan Nice,
Diane Williams, & Anya Yurchyshyn

The Center for Fiction
17 E. 47th Street
R.S.V.P 212.755.6710

p.s. There will also be a deal to get all 11 issues of NOON for 100 dollars!


Me and James Wood down by the schoolyard

My essay on Reality Hunger by David Shields has been getting a lot of responses on The Rumpus if you want to check out the comments. It also got a nice mention in the New Yorker Book Bench in their review round-up alongside the reviews by Laura Miller, James Wood, and others: "Lincoln Michel provides a thoughtful and evenhanded response, aptly named 'Reality Boredom: Why David Shields is Completely Right and Totally Wrong,' in The Rumpus." Cool. I was also glad to see that James Wood, in his New Yorker review, had a similar take as me on the contradictory nature of Reality Hunger's argument.


I don't want to make a new post for this, but Harper's also posted a section of my essay on their site.

Rock 'n Roll.


it is that time

The new NOON is here! Always an amazing and essential read, the 2010 issue is even more exciting for me this year because I have a short piece in it. I'm very honored and excited to be alongside the likes of Deb Olin Unferth, Clancy Martin, Christine Schutt, Gary Lutz and my good friend Anya Yurchyshyn. Should be in bookstores soon if not there already.


a response to Reality Hunger by David Shields

Over at The Rumpus, I have a fairly long response essay to David Shields's intriguing (but frustrating) new book Reality Hunger. It is titled Reality Boredom: Why David Shields is Completely Right and Totally Wrong

The comment section is buzzing if you want to weigh in.


Respect for the late master

Barry Hannah passed away a few days ago. Hannah was one of my all-time favorite writers, a true master of both the sentence and the story. Few writers wrote with such power or with sentences that are stunningly beautiful without seeming conscious of their own brilliance. I wrote about Hannah's writing over at htmlgiant along with several other writers. I also did a round-up of Barry Hannah remembrances at The Faster Times. RIP, good sir.


at the edge of every woods

I have a new poem up at the always awesome elimae. (Some other poems I've had at elimae are here: one and two.)

Also, thanks everyone for coming out to the Gigantic issue 2 launch party this weekend and making it such a success!