New elimae issue

The newest issue of the fantastic online journal elimae has just come out. Included are two poems by one Lincoln Michel.

They are pretty short, so here is a very short excerpt:

how they whittle
with things other
than teeth
Read the rest of the issue here.


Glug glug

- I have a piece up at the Esquire book blog today: Five Books to Booze With by Lincoln Michel

Check it out for tips on what to do this holiday season when you can't stand the relatives anymore!



Tweet tweet

Rozalia Jovanovic is currently writing for an interesting and ongoing collaborative art project that combines writing and modern dance using twitter. Rozi is writing ongoing narratives for the two dance characters. To find out more about the project and dance performances go here.

But check out Rozi's short bursts of twitter poetry and add her to your twitter following:


a bit of tidying up

- So this blog is back with a tad bit of a new design.

- Also, lincolnmichel.com links here now. Had a glitch before, but should work now.

- Big things will soon appear over at the Gigantic magazine blog (featuring me, James Y., Annie D. and Rozi J.)

Stay tuned.


Blast from my past

Something from the vault (McSweeneys.net):

Q: Dear Lincoln,

We often hear about the amazing abilities of other animals, such as the incredible strength of ants, the jumping power of fleas, and the speed of cheetahs. Is there anything that humans are the best at?

—Cathy, age 12

A: I hate to break it to you, Cathy, but those "facts" are little more than myths. The average ant can barely lift a bread crumb, and I have never seen a flea that could jump high enough to slam-dunk like NBA All-Star shooting guard Kobe Bryant (swoosh!)