Linked title means piece is available online.

"If It Were Anyone Else," Pushcart Prize Anthology (reprinted from NOON)
"Lawn Dad," Midnight Breakfast
"One Thing After Another," Midnight Breakfast
"The River Trick," Unstuck
"Can I See?" NOON
"Routine," MonkeyBicycle
"Monster Flicks," Necessary Fiction 
"Fragments of a Young Conquistador," Kindle E-Single (reprinted from Day One)

Non-fiction (selected)
"Taylor Swift and the Myth of the Mean Greedy Artist," Electric Literature
"Vocabulary of Fear," The Masters Review
"The Future of the Future of Books," Buzzfeed
"Get Real! Or Maybe Don't Get Real? A Conversation with Lincoln Michel," Ploughshares (part 2)
"Jonathan Lethem on the Importance of Don Carpenter," (an interview), Buzzfeed
"Shirley Jackson’s Haunting Final Novel, We Have Always Lived in the Castle," Flavorwire
"Lush Rot," Guernica
"An Interview With Jeff VanderMeer: “Full Disclosure, I’m Really A Komodo Dragon,” Buzzfeed
"23 Books Every Fan of House of Cards Should Read," Buzzfeed
"A True Detective Reading List," Buzzfeed
"Sex and Jokes: An Interview with Adam Wilson," Buzzfeed
"13 Literary Books That Young Adult Readers Will Love," Buzzfeed


"Fragments of a Young Conquistador," Day One
"Halfway Home to Somewhere Else," Connu 
"One or Two Afternoon," The Collagist
"What You Need to Know about the Weathervane," The Harvard Advocate
"Tufts of Black Hair Attached to Indeterminate Bodies," Buenos Aires Review
"If It Were Anyone Else," NOON 2013
"And That Is How They Found Me," Fairy Tale Review
"Our Education," Electric Literature

Humor and Comics
"The Canon of Frat Boy Philosophy,"
"Classic Jokes Illustrated," Everyday Genius

"Olden Times," Hobart

Non-Fiction (selected)
19 Awesomely Designed Books From 2013 That Prove Print Isn’t Dead," Buzzfeed
Interview with Laura Van Den Berg, VICE
Guest judge for Electric Literature's "Critical" Hit"
Interview with Jack Handey, VICE
"10 Literary Authors You Didn't Know Wrote Speculative Fiction," Flavorwire
Interviewed by Nicolle Elizabeth, The Believer Logger
Interview with Adrian Van Young, The Rumpus
Interview with Sam Lipsyte, Bookforum
"Review" of Moby-Dick, The Book Report


"The New Game," Everyday Genius 
"John Adams," Melville House
"Quarantine," The Fiddleback 
"Red-Faced Whistler, Emerald Tower, RabidWolfpack Motherload," Tin House Flash Fridays 
"Selections from a Sexual Survey," UNSAID
"Twosome," NOON 2012
"A Note on the Type," elimae
"The Last of Our Grandfathers," PANK #6

"Afterschool Fires," PANK #6

Non-Fiction (selected)
Review of Jesse Moynihan's Forming, The Rumpus
Review of Brian Evenson's Windeye, Bookforum
"The Grandmaster Hoax," The Paris Review Daily
Art of the Sentence: Franz KafkaTin House blog
"More Barf for the Void: Some Thoughts on Online Lit," The Faster Times
"Ever-shifting and contradicting blobs of absurdity": An Interview with Lincoln MichelThe Collagist

Hoarse Horse, first published at Volume 1 Brooklyn.
"Life," Everyday Genius


"Hike," The Collagist
"Filling Pools," BOMB Magazine
“The Head Bodyguard Holds His Head in His Hands,” Indiana Review 33.1
"Little Girls by the Side of the Pool," Hobart 
"Foreign Lands," Beecher's One
"A Question of Commitment," Beecher's One
"The Soldier," PANK
"The Long Hunt," PANK

"Drift Ice in the Foreground," Harpur Palate
Four Haikuelimae

Non-Fiction (selected)
On Herbert Read's The Green ChildTin House #48 
Ask the Author: Lincoln MichelPANK
Review of Congress of the Animals by Jim WoodringThe Faster Times
Review of Between Parentheses by Roberto BolanoThe Faster Times
Review of The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWittThe Faster Times

Animals in Midlife Crises, first published in The Rumpus (collab with John Dermot Woods)


"Drive," Unsaid #5 
"Neighbors," Unsaid #5 
"On and on," Everyday Genius
"Our Current Trajectory," Everyday Genius 
"Untitled," The Rumpus (Sam Lipsyte Jump-Off Contest winner)
"Air," NOON 2010

"at the edge of every woods," elimae

Non-fiction (selected)
"Deep End," Canteen #6
"Reality Boredom," The Rumpus
"What's an MFA Got to Do with It?" The Faster Times
"Are You Ready for Some Football Books?" Flavorwire
"Bring it Up to a Nice Level" an interview with Sam Lipsyte, Gigantic
Review of AvatarThe Millions 
"The Velvet Underground’s Not-Quite-a-Reunion Reunion," The Rumpus
Appearance on WNYC radio (audio)


"Consequences," Opium
"My Initiation," The L Magazine
"The Deer in Virginia," Oxford American 65

"will we ever be forgiven," elimae

Non-fiction (selected)
"Who Was She?" Oxford American #67
"SCHEMA: Habitats of Regional Burger Chains," The Believer Oct. 2009
"Talking About Thinking," an interview with Clancy Martin, Gigantic
Review of How to Sell by Clancy Martin, Bookforum
Review of Off the Charts: The Song-Poem StoryThe Rumpus
Review of Elect Mr. Robinson for a Better World by Donald Antrim, The Rumpus

2008-2005 (selected)

"A Flat, Hard Place," Quarter After Eight #14, 2008
"Whale Belly," The L Magazine2007 (literary upstart contest finalist)
"The Mayor's Plan," Mid-American Review, 2007 (Fineline Competition Editor's Choice)
"A Brief History of Confusion (excerpt)," Mid-American Review, 2007 (Fineline Competition Editor's Choice)
"Your Daughter's Teeth," Word Riot, 2007
"The Mouth," anthologized in You Have Time For ThisOoligan Press, 2007 (originally in The Vestal Review)
"Egg Hunt," Pindeldyboz, 2007
"A Whole Heap of Trouble," Quick Fiction #9, 2006
"Two Brothers," Redivider 3.2, 2006
"The Old House," Mississippi Review #33/3, 2005 (transferred to Blip Magazine)

Two poems, elimae, 2008
Four poems, Night Train2008
"Soldiers at the Battle of Lord Hallford's Lost Toe," Juked, 2007
"Hills Round Here," Juked, 2007
Three poems, Night Train, 2007
"Seven Views of Abraham Lincoln's Death," Juked, 2007
"Poem," Pindeldyboz Poetry2007

"Five Books to Booze With," Esquire blog, 2008
"Spring Has Sprung," The Big Jewel, 2006
"Critter Corner with Lincoln Michel,", 2006