Brian Evenson's new collection Windeye is one of the best books I've read recently.  I reviewed it for Bookforum today and talked about the uncanny and the literary / genre divide.


cartoon news

Two updates about my comic strips:

1) I'm very excited to say that Volume 1 Brooklyn is going to be running my comics. First one is up here.

2) I've started a Tumblr to post my comics and comic collaborations at. Please follow if you want to see existential animals and crudely-drawn body horror strips.



I have a new story in the most recent issue of The Fiddleback. It is about a plague quarantine and soda pop. It starts:

I was in the quarantine, but I didn’t have a quarter. I had a few dimes and some nickels but needed a quarter. There was only one soda machine in this wing of the facility. It was an old machine that hadn’t been updated, and the drinks only cost sixty-five cents. I couldn’t believe my luck!



Gigantic has a new online issue up with fiction from Robert Lopez and Marguerite W. Sullivan, poetry from Ben Fama and Leigh Stein, an interview with Gordon Lish, and more. Check it out!