I like pretty books

I wrote my first piece for Buzzfeed about "19 Awesomely Designed Books From 2013 That Prove Print Isn’t Dead." It made the front page, which is pretty awesome. Check it out if you still need some gifts for book lovers in your life.


best non-book things

Over at VICE, Justin Taylor included my Monsters of Modern Literature cards (produced by Nadxieli Nieto) in his round up of the "best books and non-books of 2013" round-up. Very excited to be included, and super honored by his comments:

 Lincoln Michel is one of contemporary literary culture’s great natural resources. He writes fiction and essays (sometimes for VICE), draws comics, co-edits the literary magazine Gigantic (which has lately expanded into book publishing, with a literary sci-fi anthology called Gigantic Worlds due out in 2014), and—perhaps most impressively—has a genuinely funny internet presence that never makes you want to kill him or yourself.
Free book blurb?

You can check out the cards over at etsy.


"Fragments of a Young Conquistador"

I'm excited to say I have a long surrealist picaresque short story titled "Fragments of a Young Conquistador" in the newest issue of Day One. The subscription price is only .37 cents an issue, so check it out if you like sea monster attacks, hungry alchemists, and so on. (However, you currently buy back issues so if you want to read my story you'll have to subscribe before next week's issue.)