He is good at tossing and he is also good at holding

- The blogging is starting to heat up over at the Creative Writing MFA Handbook Blog. Get in on the action.

- Two stupid listmania lists I made on Amazon.com while I was bored. Books I Rip Off and the Top 10 Longest Books I've Read.

- Lastly, I have a new piece up at Juked... well a pretty old piece that is newly up at Juked, rather. A Link. It is called Seven Views of Abraham Lincoln's Death and here is a snippet:

Lincoln attending an important diner—
Suddenly his stoic face is bright red in panic:
A chicken bone lodged in his windpipe!
Booth seen fleeing out the back door


I don't blame you for grindin' and shinin'

Okay, last comment on this. My story "Whale Belly" appears in the second annual The L Magazine summer fiction issue. I must say I'm very pleased with the artwork they did for my story. Very rad. You can actually read the stories online(with artwork). Otherwise you can pick it up for free from an The L Magazine bin in the city.


What to say, what to say...

- Mid-week this week my story "Whale Belly" will be available in various bins around the city that are stamped The L Magazine. Pick it up... or don't. I'm not gonna force you. $^&%, why are you even here?

- I'm going to be one of a panel of contributorsons over at The Creative Writing MFA Handbook Blog. My poorly thought out profile is here. I'm excited to be a part of this, because Tom Kealey's blog helped me a lot when I went through the application process last year.

- That's it.