it is indeed alive

The Faster Times
went live a few days ago and is looking pretty rad. I'm editing the Faster Times Books section and writing the Faster Times Fiction section. I'd recommend Clancy Martin's essay on how grown-ups love and The Faster Times interview with John Wray (conducted by James Yeh). Check it out, link us, write angry comments, etc.


two new for you to peruse

- I have a short-short story up today on The L Magazine's new online fiction component. You can read it here: My Initiation by Lincoln Michel. Lot of other neat people up as well, including the great and hilarious Ed Park.

- Also, recently I had a short play up on my friend Terry Selucky's blog. She has been collecting six-line plays and I'm excited to have my contribution up alongside other great writers and artists like James J. Williams III. A cool project all around, check them all out.