Been A While

I knoweth that thou loyal readers hath suffered through a drought of mine writing mana, but despair no more for I am about to unleash a veritable flood of poetries and fictionies upon the land!

Or at least I think so. Some of this stuff was accepted over a year ago and only now working its way into print. Anyway, I hadn't updated my lit situation in a bit so here you go. First up is Pindeldyboz book of poems which can be pre-ordered now and should be released this spring. Features hip literary peeps like Tao Lin, Kim Chinquee and Matthew Zapruder.

More news to come as it comes...


Even colder than Ice 9

R.I.P Kurt Vonnegut

- I'm probably the last lit blogger to get around to this, but here is another voice mourning the loss of Kurt Vonnegut. Although in certain snobby circles he is passed off as being a hack writer, I completely disagree. Vonnegut was (as many eulogies have pointed out) our lifetime's Mark Twain. He struck a brilliant and hard to achieve balance between social satire, interesting prose and formal innovation. Hip young writers are still ripping of his tricks to this day. My father was a big Vonnegut fan and always tried to get me to read Cat's Cradle when I was in high school. When I finally did, I loved it and it still remains my favorite Vonnegut book. If for some reason you have avoided his work because you think it is only for angsty teenage boys, I'd urge you to go pick up Cat's Cradle or Slaughterhouse Five today. Run!

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