Upright Beasts about to drop / new website

Hi likely non-existant blog readers,

It's been almost a full year since I last updated. Um, sorry. I've had a lot of news, including the fact that my first book ever is about to be published:

Upright Beasts available this month (already in some bookstores) from Coffee House Press. More info here.

It's gotten positive reviews in the New York Times, O the Oprah Magazine, Publisher's Weekly, Men's Journal and elsewhere. So that's something!


I also published a second book: Gigantic Worlds, co-edited with Nadxi Nieto. It's a science flash fiction anthology with 51 stories from 51 authors with Charles Yu, Catherine Lacey, Alissa Nutting, Ed Park, Ted Chiang, Jonathan Lethem, and many more. Beautiful hardcover with color art throughout. More info here. So that's a second thing!


Lastly, I'm shutting down this blog... which was never really updated anyway. My new website, which will be kept up to date, is: 


That's all the things for now and for ever (on here).