one or two things about one or two things

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Gigantic /Opium /BOMB end of summer bash. We had a great time, so we hope you did as well! If you missed it, read a recap at The New York Observer.


The Faster Times is still young but going very strong. Some recent highlights from the book section (that I edit) in case you missed:


I've have a few other rad things in the works that I will tell you about at some future point. Wow, this is a boring way to end a post isn't it?


You Don't Know Me

but... you could if you come to this party:

Gigantic magazine, BOMB magazine and Opium magazine are co-throwing an end of the summer bash. A Gigantic Opium Bomb, if you will. Boozing, schmoozing, DJs, special guests, short plays directed by novelists. What more could you want? You can buy tickets online here.
Bowery Electric, August 26th.