Talking SF with Ed Park

A short interview with the great Ed Park about SF bands and invisible books over at The Believer Logger.

Blast off!

Our Gigantic science fiction Kickstarter officially ended with a pretty amazing 788 backers and over 23k. Thanks so much, everyone! We are working non-stop to make this book worth your support. More to come.


"DIY forever-or-until-someone-pays-off-our-debt-and-hands-us-bags-of-cash": interviewed in The Believer logger

James Yeh and I were interviewed (by Nicolle Elizabeth) about our magazine, Gigantic, for The Believer Logger. We talk about pizza vs. fried chicken, the Gigantic Worlds science fiction book, and the horrible, unspeakable, and heretofore untold secrets of literary mag publishing.

Read the interview on their Tumblr by clicking here.

And on a Tumbling note, I've been tumbling up a galactic asteroid storm at the Gigantic Worlds tumblr. Check it out for weird art, cool quotes, and spacey links.