"Why do I keep coming here? I hate all these assholes."

Have you been reading Animals in Midlife Crises by Lincoln Michel and John Dermot Woods? The second strip went up this week. It even caught the eye of Flavorwire. New strips every Sunday at The Rumpus.

In unrelated Rumpus news, Nancy Smith reviewed issue six of Canteen magazine and gave a very nice shout out to my essay on disappearing deep ends:

Lincoln Michel writes, rather remarkably, about the loss of the deep end of the pool....I simultaneously loved/was terrified by learning to swim and overcoming the deep end was a rite of summer passage. I’m somewhat depressed by the fact that kids nowadays just splash around in a couple feet of water. As Michel so rightly concludes, “A pool can only be conquered if you actually have to swim in it.”

Very awesome to read! Also awesome to see reviews of literary magazines, something that doesn't happen enough.