there's an app for that

I'm excited to have the first story (recommended by Sam Lipsyte) in the debut of Connu, a really interesting new publishing venture. The Connu app is free in beta now, so download it to your ipad/pod/phone, people.


my first "book" review

A writer named Peter Tieryas Liu wrote a very nice "book" review of my short story "Our Education" (published as an ebook by Electric Literature) in the New Orleans Review. Very exciting and flattering to read:

As part of the Electric Literature’s Recommended Reading Program, Our Education is a quick, thought-provoking read. The prose is neither cumbersome nor too sparse, perfectly matching the conversational tone of a teenager stuck in a teacher-less school. Those expecting a Twilight Zone episode twist ending need not apply. Those looking for a surprising lesson on the perpetual education we call existence should enroll right away.


Shit was real back then

After doing a lot of historical research, I wrote a anthropological poem for Hobart. It starts out:

When my friend is upset because someone posted
about them on the internet in a way they aren’t
sure is ironic, it makes me wish I wish I lived in
olden times. Shit was real back then.
If you were stressed out it was because one of your
limbs had been gnawed off by forest beasts
or your crops had been blighted to dry twigs
by the pond god. You know what I mean, man?


Monsters of Modern Literature trading cards

For the past two years I've drawn literary monsters for Halloween, and this year we turned them into trading cards. You can buy them on etsy for the pretty cheap price of 5 bucks (plus shipping).


Bone Didion
Thomas Python
George R. R. Martian
Haruki Murderkami
Sheila Yeti
Cormac McCabre
Deborah Eyesenberg
Michel Hellbecq
Roboto Bolano
Louise Eldritch 
Ben Oak Tree
Tao Fin
Golem McCann
Clarice the Spectre

more to come