still bummed about Laika

I have a piece forthcoming in Dogs: Wet & Dry, an anthology of canine flash fiction. Includes a foreword by Rick Bass and stories from the likes of Deb Olin Unferth, Ravi Mangla and Robert Boswell. Looks like it will be a rad collection!

More info as it appears....


Big things poppin

Okay, let's get some Gigantic magazine stuff out of the way first. Things are really snowballing and we will have a lot of exciting new stuff to unveil in the near future. Since the only way to reach the damn-kids-these-days these days is newfangled social networking sites, we'd love to have you follow our Gigantic magazine twitter and join our Gigantic magazine MySpace or our Gigantic facebook page.

We also completed our three part teaser series with bits from our interviews/dialogues with Malcolm Gladwell, Joe Wenderoth, Deb Olin Unferth, Tao Lin and Gary Shteyngart. Gigantic fiction preview and art previews are still up as well.


In other news, I'm really digging this blog J. Cruel that Michelle Legro has started. Some great sartorial advice on there.

When budgets are stretched thin, we think it is especially important to pay attention to quality. Consider the longevity of the item you are purchasing, how much you really need it, how pretty it will look pinned onto your bathrobe, what you might name it (perhaps Madam Shiny), its clarity, its color, and the usefulness of any curse purported to have been attached to it. Obviously, then, diamonds are what you should be buying. Go on. Indulge. You deserve a little pick-me-up, especially one that will last forever.

Diamonds: hard, just like the times.


NOON magazine
will be having its annual launch party on April 17th. Mercantile Library. Great readings will be given by Rebecca Curtis, Clancy Martin and Christine Schutt. Be there!


Finally, I liked today's Maakies comic.



The links got a bit messed up in that last post and it looks kinda ugly so instead here is a video of a fish with a transparent head: