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The Oxford American has unveiled its new website. It looks to feature a lot of new and old content (my story isn't online, only in print so far) such as Kevin Brockmeier's 50 favorite stories and Lyn Miller on whether the environment is croaking.

In other web news, The Faster Times is getting ready to launch. Check out the video teaser:

Lastly, Opium issue 8 was written up in WIRED.


Lincoln Michel in Bookforum and The Oxford American

Please excuse my Bob Dole-isms in this post. I am experimenting with Google rankings.

I had two things come out in the past two days. First, a review of Clancy Martin's How to Sell in Bookforum. I've been a big fan of Martin's work for a while (he appears frequently in NOON) so was excited to read his debut novel and even more excited to review it for Bookforum: Lincoln Michel's review of How to Sell

Secondly, I just saw the cover for The Oxford American's Best of the South 2009 issue. Looks fantastic and also includes a note about HOT SUMMER FICTION by George Singleton, Rebecca T. Godwin & Lincoln Michel.

Full articles should apparently be going online in a few days, so I will link my story if/when it appears.


A little piece at The Rumpus

I have a piece on the PBS documentary Off the Charts: The Song-Poem Story over at The Rumpus. The documentary is only an hour long and viewable on Hulu.com. I recommend it, but I guess just click on link to see what I thought.

Spend some time clicking around The Rumpus if you haven't already. Lots of great content including a lot of pieces by Rozalia Jovanovic. There is also a great series called "The Last Book I Loved." Here is my entry on Donald Antrim.