He is good at tossing and he is also good at holding

- The blogging is starting to heat up over at the Creative Writing MFA Handbook Blog. Get in on the action.

- Two stupid listmania lists I made on Amazon.com while I was bored. Books I Rip Off and the Top 10 Longest Books I've Read.

- Lastly, I have a new piece up at Juked... well a pretty old piece that is newly up at Juked, rather. A Link. It is called Seven Views of Abraham Lincoln's Death and here is a snippet:

Lincoln attending an important diner—
Suddenly his stoic face is bright red in panic:
A chicken bone lodged in his windpipe!
Booth seen fleeing out the back door


BLAKE said...

nice listmania lists. we have quite similar taste. also nice juked piece. nothin like a little lincoln. word up!

Anya said...

I've been following your blog for a little while, since your parents told me about it at the pool one summer day. I really enjoy your writing. It seems like Columbia has been really great for you. I'm going down to Oxfod, MS in a few days to start the MFA program at Ole Miss. I'd love to compare programs sometime or hang out if we're ever in Cville at the same time. Congrats on all your successes.
Anya (from the block...)

tine b said...

hi lincoln,

I'm applying for mfa's this fall, probably at columbia too. could I write you an email with some questions about your time there, that don't need to go on your blog? saw you on the mfa blog and stalked you here to your own very nice blog.

I'll appreciate it, and thanks if you find the time, tine

Lincoln said...

Anya: I'll definitly be in touch. Congrats on getting into Ole Miss.
Been back to Cville recently??

Tine b:

I'm not sure if you well ever see this, but sure thing. Feel free to email me with any questions and I'll answer them if I can.