And lo! The Lord did look unto Adam and say unto him "make like a tree and leave!"

Hello everyone. It is time for my semi-regular Odd Search Awards. Since I got a nifty site meter I can view what google searches people used to get into this page. Here are the best ones from the last couple weeks:

Runner Ups:

"old movie" "penis" "drunk guy"
(Geez. This is like my entire DVD collection.)

aphorisms on ice
(A musical I would certainly pay to see)

hairy chested NFL players

onion teething

poems about teething

How Old is the young boy in Part I of Swann's Way

How far away from sea in the tundra Biome

(I wonder if he was looking for Biodome... I think the penis drunk guy search might have worked for this as well)

Medal Winners:

nietzsche some people ideas fish pond fossil cabinet
(I can't tell if this guy had something really specific he was looking for or if he just typed in a random string of words and thought what the hell...)

free "magazine bin" -subscription -trial -recycle -Laden
(I feel kind of bad that this guy just wanted a free cool magazine but kept coming up with Al Qaeda newsletters and Environmentalist pamphlets.

GOLD: Bible text "make like a tree and leave"
(You sure that's a bible quote, buddy?)


- If you haven't heard Marc Ecko (yeah, the urban clothing designer) bought Barry Bond's record breaking ball. He is letting the public vote one what to do with it. Obviously you should go vote for branding it.

- 2007 World Chess Championship is going on right now. I'm rooting for Anand and he is currently tied for first. Follow up on the results here.

- That's it for now.

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i love reading google searches. amazing how these things come back to your own page. i've been experimenting with porn references and it is beginning to scare me.