Sam Lipsyte Jump-Off Story

The Rumpus has posted a short-short of mine alongside seven other rad stories by Mark Edmund Doten, Shya Scanlon, John Madera, Maureen Miller, A. Wolfe, Franklin Winslow and Snowden Wright. These are the four winners and four finalists of the Sam Lipsyte Jump-Off Contest where we wrote 300 word stories based on a sentence from Lipsyte's fantastic new novel, The Ask. You can read my story here, after the introduction.

“It’s when they stop trying to destroy you,” my mother said, “that you should really start to worry.”
My mother had one arm hooked around my neck, smothering me against the same breasts that once milked my mouth. The other swung at me with a mechanical can opener.
“Stop,” I yelled. “I get your point!”

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