recent things, past things, future things

Recent things:

- "The Grandmaster Hoax" at The Paris Review Daily (an essay on chess, robots, and mysterious deaths)
"Twosome" in NOON 2012 (a short story in one of my absolute favorite journals...not available online, but the issue should be in stores now)
"A Note on the Type" in elimae (a short story about typefaces, jealousy, and intrigue)
- Art of the Sentence: Lincoln Michel in Tin House (a short essay on my favorite sentences by Franz Kafka)

Past things:

I've finally gotten around to creating a page to list (most) of my publications. I say most because I left off some of my early poems and stories that will hopefully be lost to history, and only listed select non-fiction pubs. Otherwise if, for some bizarre reason, you want to peruse my old stories and such you can.

Future things: 

Fiction forthcoming in Unsaid, The Fiddleback, and an anthology of presidential flash fiction. Some essays in the work as well as a killer comic collab with John Dermot Woods. More on those things at some future point.


Ravi Mangla said...

really digging the recent work. congrats.

Lincoln Michel said...

Thanks man!

Claire said...

Old Castle: Kafka Recomposed

Anonymous said...


Stumbled across your Note on Type and was excited to find a fellow font traveler.

Here's a blog I started to pay homage to the wonder of the note on type: http://anoteonthetype.wordpress.com/.

Would love to reprint your fabulous note on my blog if you're willing, or perhaps a future note on type, if you're so inspired.

In any case, thanks for the great work!