Molten Mechanistic Hull by any other name

For no reason at all, here are my ten favorite anagrams of my (full) name:
Molten Mechanistic Hull

Ill Tom: Unethical Mensch 

Nonathletic Mulch Slime

Hmm, It Echos 'Till Unclean...

Chill Unethical Moments 

Hellish Laconic Mutt Men!

Lethal Omniscient Mulch

Macho Lunchtime Lentils 

The Technician Lulls Mom

A Chill, Luminescent Moth 

 My novel title is in there somewhere...

(runners up: Cinchilla, Unsettle Mom! / Metallic Lunchtime Nosh / Neolithic Helmsman Cult / Miniscule Hellcat Month)

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