Hamburgers in The Believer

The October Believer is out and, as always, has lots of interesting stuff (Agnès Varda interviewed, Vlad the Impaler's impact on tourism examined, Louis C.K. doing sedaratives, a poem by Nobel laureate Derek Walcott, etc.). The issue also has my piece on the habitats of regional hamburger restaurants. It is not online, so you'll have to read the issue to see what that means. I'm extremely excited to be in a magazine as consistently rad as The Believer!


In The Faster Times news, we recently partnered with The Onion AV club and in the books section I wrote a perhaps funny piece on classic lit / monster mash-ups and learned that Dan Brown and David Foster Wallace were in a workshop together. Zak Smith was interviewed by Justin Taylor and Gary Lutz was interviewed by Michael Kimball. Clancy Martin, who I interviewed for Gigantic, has been discussing loving and lying. Many other cool things, but I think I already overloaded this paragraph with links.

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