Reading at NYPL next week

I'll be reading at the NYPL next Tuesday for CLMP's Periodically Speaking series (the same series where Adam Wilson read for Gigantic earlier this year). Three magazines pick three emerging writers to read for a short amount of time each. Here is the line-up:

Lincoln Michel reading fiction on behalf of Vestal Review
Leigh Stein reading poetry on behalf of Low Rent
Montana Wojczuk reading non-fiction on behalf of Tin House

I'm very excited to be picked by Vestal Review and to share the room with the fine journals and writers above. Stop by if you'd like, I will try not to be boring.

Tuesday, October 13th, 6 – 7:30 pm
DeWitt Wallace Periodical Room, The New York Public Library,
Stephen A. Schwarzman Building at Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street
(Please use Fifth Avenue entrance; admittance is free)


My piece on hamburger restaurants is out in The Believer. I just saw it for the first time yesterday and it looks fantastic (thanks to the layout genius of Alvaro Villanueva). It is a schema, so you can only see it in print, but I have a Lincoln Michel bio online I can link to.

All for now.

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