Boring personal reading habits 2k11 (halfway point edition)

A list of all the books that I've completed so far in 2k11. I've already read more books in the first half of 2011 than I read in all of 2010 (which was a real down year for me in this regard). However, I have to admit that much of my total comes from speeding through a lot of graphic novels and comic books during a two or three week period in June. This was research for a comic series John Woods and I will be working on soon.

These are only the books that I've finished. There are many others that I've started (2666, The Hundred Brothers, NOON 2011, etc.) that I will hopefully complete before the year is out. I've only re-read one book so far this year (the Carver). Favorites so far:

Taking Care by Joy Williams, Wilson by Daniel Clowes and Hunger by Knut Hamsun.

Full list:

  1. Wilson – Daniel Clowes
  2. The Death of Doctor Island – Gene Wolfe
  3. What We Talk About When We Talk About Love – Raymond Carver*
  4. The Mezzanine – Nicholson Baker
  5. Great Expectations – Kathy Acker
  6. The Clouds Above – Jordan Crane
  7. Hunger – Knut Hamsun
  8. Werewolves of Montpellier – Jason
  9. The Shadow over Innsmouth – H. P. Lovecraft
  10. Illustrated Three-Line Novels – Joanna Neborsky
  11. Baby Leg – Brian Evenson
  12. The Late American Novel – Jeff Martin and C. Max McGee
  13. The Baltimore Atrocities – John Dermot Woods (manuscript draft)
  14. Stories V! – Scott McClanahan
  15. Visitation – Jenny Erpenbeck
  16. Us – Michael Kimball
  17. The Sisters Brothers – Patrick deWitt
  18. Antwerp – Roberto Bolano
  19. 1963 – Alan Moore
  20. Supreme: The Story of the Year – Alan Moore
  21. Supreme: The Return – Alan Moore
  22. The Killing Joke – Alan Moore
  23. Ultimate Fantastic Four HC Vol. 1 
  24. Ultimate Fantastic Four HC Vol. 2 
  25. Ultimate Fantastic Four HC Vol. 3 
  26. Ultimate Fantastic Four HC Vol. 4
  27. Ultimate Fantastic Four HC Vol. 5
  28. Love and Rockets New Stories No. 3 – The Hernandez Brothers
  29. Understanding Comics – Scott McCloud
  30. World War Hulk
  31. Ultimate Iron Man – Orson Scott Card
  32. Silver Surfer: Parable – Moebius and Stan Lee
  33. Bottomless Belly Button – Dash Shaw
  34. Taking Care – Joy Williams

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Chloe Cooper Jones said...

This is a good looking list. I'm pretty sure I should get an internet high-five for Taking Care. Told you that book was so good! Also, I hope you'll finish 2666 and talk to me about it. I love that book as well.