Take a dip

I'm happy to say that I have a new dialogue story up at Hobart this month, Little Girls by the Side of the Pool by Lincoln Michel. Here is how it starts:

“Did you see what Suzy did when her father tossed her into the air?”
“No, I was looking at Jimmy.”
“She screamed. She screamed like a little piglet right until she hit the water.”
“My father is really good at tossing me into the water.”
“Yes, my father can toss me so high that I get afraid I'll never come down.”
“My father once threw me like ten feet out of the water and I did two cartwheels in the air before splashing.”
“My father once tossed me so high into the air that I was at eye level with the top of a tall tree and in that tree was a bird and that bird unfurled its wings and looked at me in a loving way, like a sister.”

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