Electric Literature, Pushcart Prize, and Taylor Swift: second half of 2014 round-up

Dear non-existent blog readers,

I've clearly let this blog die. I haven't updated since May, and a ton has been going on. Here's a quick recap:

- My story "If It Were Anyone Else" from NOON was included in the 2015 Pushcart Prize Anthology! I just got my contributor's copy in the mail. I'm extremely honored to be included alongside so many authors that I love, including writers who influenced me when I was first starting out. The anthology comes out this month.

- The new issue of Gigantic came out last month! Gigantic Ha-Ha includes work from Amelia Gray, Franz Kafka, James Hannaham, and a "The New Gigantic-er" insert with cartoons that are too dirty for a certain prominent magazine to publish.

- Since mid-May, I've been the Online Editor of Electric Literature and have published a ton of pieces by myself and others. Here were the most popular of mine:

- In other venues, I had two short stories appear in Midnight Breakfast in August.

- For Halloween, I wrote an essay on Horror fiction for The Masters Review called "Vocabulary of Fear"

- If you are an Oyster user, I made some some lists you can use to find cool books there

- In Buzzfeed, I had a long essay on "The Future of the Future of Books"

- And in June, I interviewed four debut novelists (Scott Cheshire, Julia Fierro, D. Foy, and Alena Graedon) on how to get published

- Lastly, I drew some new Monsters of Modern Literature trading cards and had them printed up for Halloween (hey, they make good X-Mas gifts too!)

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Freedom_Man said...

Check out Colin Barrett's 'Young Skins'.

Winner of the Frank O'Connor Prize, Rooney Prize and the Guardian First book prize.A brilliant short story d├ębut. There's a link on my Blog to 'Diamonds' one of the stories.