a big, large, over-sized thank you

photo by Jerome

A thank you to everyone who came out to the Gigantic magazine launch party. I think several hundred of you did and it really meant a lot to us. Hopefully you had at least a little fun. Also thanks of course to Starr Space, Adron, The Five Cents, King Vitamin and our various lovely readers.


Also on the Gigantic front, we have unveiled our official website's proto-site. Which is to say, we have a lovely sample site created by Joanna Neborsky that features three very short stories and one long interview from print issue #1: Gigantic magazine official website.


In other news, I'm taking part in an elimae reading later this month. KGB Bar, May 26th, 7pm. Also featuring many good friends (and good writers) such as Justin Taylor, James Yeh, Rozi Jovanovic, Tao Lin, Kimberly King Parsons, Todd Zuniga and Dennis DiClaudio.

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