retarded in real life, on the mic rain man


Thanks to everyone who came out to Gigantic's Opium Live interview. It was a fun time and hearing John Wray and Terry Selucky be interviewed was great. Also thanks to Lee Bob Black for taking some pictures, such as the above. Gigantic has a bit of a response to a question we feel we didn't adequately answer when the four of us were wrestling over the mic. Read it here.


Also please save the date for the Gigantic magazine launch party and benefit! April 25th in Bushwick. This is going to be an awesome event with live music, DJing, cheep booze and free books and CDs appropriated from places that we work. Maybe a knife throwing competition too, who knows? Also short readings from the likes of Adam Wilson, Justin Taylor, Todd Zuniga, Lauren Soprher and many more. Feel free to download the flier and paste it around. It will be massive.

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