Fletcher Fisch, Doppleganger

Apparently some gentleman with the improbable name of Fletcher Fisch has been dressing up like me (latex mask?) and attending downtown literary brough-ha-has. If anyone can put me in contact with him, please get in touch! He could be useful in an upcoming high-society jewel heist I may or may not be involved with.


I will be interviewed tomorrow by Todd Zunia for Opium Live alongside my Gigantic co-editors, playwright Terry Selucky and novelist John Wray. Come out to Happy Ending bar around 7:55 if you can.


launch party is confirmed for Starr Space in Bushwick, April 25th. Save the date!

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Egg Off-Kilter said...

what is todd going to ask us!!!

I like annie's blowing-up-balloons idea...gigantic balloons...